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Guiding Greatness

I am the founder of Stewart Consulting & Management, a full service consulting company focused on leading and advising organizations and businesses on how to enhance their efforts through socially just practices that improve their internal health and external results. I lead design and integration efforts to build out culturally competent and thriving business models for a variety of high impact non-profits, community–based organizations, and Fortune 500 companies.

Before launching my own business, I had a successful career where I worked with both domestic and international organizations. During such time I successfully raised millions of dollars from individual, corporate, and institutional giving investors.  

For the last decade, I have been supporting organizations and businesses as they become stronger and more impactful. I guide them from examination and analysis through recommendations and follow through. I ensure clients have examined their organizational structures through a diverse, equitable, inclusive and just lens. 

My passion for empowering change led me to study communication theory, psychology, and racial and gender justice at Weber State University and Penn State University. Postgraduate and I am still continuing to seek education enrichment, which has led me to complete certification programs on racial justice and implicit bias deconstructing, cultural strategies and effective team building, and project management from Yale University, University of Pennsylvania and Cornell University.

I am motivated to drive positive culture change and inclusive environments that lead to a more just world for all! 

Get in touch to learn more about how I can help increase your revenue, footprint, and brand.

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About Me: Team

Cory is an exceptional trainer and coach. She was able to help our team through a difficult and transformative time. Her approach to DEI has made a significant impact on our operations. She was just what our team needed...

Michael A., 
JPMorgan Chase

She took our fundraising to the next level! Through her audit, she identified a combination of small and large scale changes that made a drastic difference in our operating dollars and the quality of our programming.

Kyle R.,
New York University

Strategic thinking is not easy for everyone but it is one of the many natural gifts Cory possesses.  She easily navigates between visioning and implementing.  She is a true leader.

Jeanelle L.,
Gap Inc.

About Me: Testimonials
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